Align to the Possibility of Who You Are

The Being Infinite Retreat will be your powerful invitation and initiation to start living aligned with the truth and infinite power and possibility of who you are beyond story and the limitations of your mind.


This retreat is going to be like nothing else you have ever experienced and not one to be missed.


A Life-Changing Journey in a Tropical Paradise

This retreat is designed to be an immersive and transformational seven-day process into the breathtaking depths of the Costa Rican jungle that will create and generate a fundamental shift in who you are being, who you know yourself to be, and what is possible for you in your life and for your future. We will be working with you on mind, on body, on heart and on your energy field.

Nicky’s intention is to walk you into the jungle as your current self and to walk you out aligned with the one you were always born to be. We will facilitate a space for re-imagining your life and relationships, and take you on a journey from contraction to expansion. You will experience a complete paradigm shift of oneself.

Meet Your Host

Master Maturation Teacher, Lead Group Facilitator and Hay House author Nicky Clinch will guide you through a powerful journey of self-inquiry and self-discovery of the landscape of your BodyMind in order to dissolve attachments and to pierce the veil of illusions that have been keeping you stuck and playing small fuelled by your past stories and conditioned identity.


We will be working with you on generating a deep healing shift on the ‘StoryField’ that has been living you and your life thus far.

Story: an unconscious phenomenon of the Mind. The conditioning, stories, beliefs and memories that define who you think you are and what you believe is or isn't possible for you in your life.

Field: a phenomenon of the Body. The energetic field created by  emotional memory patterns that have become entangled with the stories in the mind. This generates and creates our entire experience of life and who we are in it.

When we work on both together, Story and Field, Body and Mind, it creates a profoundly powerful opportunity for a deep life-changing metamorphosis for you to break free of your old self and birth the infinite space of creativity and possibility for your future self.

“This retreat is life changing. Nicky’s facilitation is so powerful and the whole weekend is designed to create healing through every possible angle. Emotional work, shifting mindset, yoga, chanting, ceremony, energy healing and food. It is the only retreat I’ve ever done that will offer this depth of healing in such a short time frame.”


“Working with Nicky at Being Infinite has created an internal shift so profound that my whole world looks different; calmer, more grounded and with exponentially more amounts of love. Words cannot express how fundamentally more spacious and expansive I feel. I've found the freedom I've been searching for my whole life.”