Welcome to Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica: a Transformational Experience in Eco-Luxury

Being Infinite at Imiloa

The Being Infinite Retreat with Nicky Clinch will take place at the Imiloa Institute in Costa Rica. Imiloa is a global hub for the education and advancement of humanity. 


Imiloa believes that through a posture of learning and spirit of service, we can powerfully catalyse the individual and social transformation which will create stronger communities, transform our planet and build a better world. 

As a global community eco-system focusing on education, mentorship and service, this retreat centre is the intersection of discovery, creativity, imagination and transformation.




I have never stayed in such a magical, beautiful and breathtaking place. All of the team were amazing, and the food was out of this world! I have a feeling I will be comparing all other travel experiences with Imiloa going forward.”


“Imiloa was absolute heaven! Clean, fresh and natural food, service from the heart and luxury accommodation all in the heart of Pachamama. I felt deeply held by the spirit and energy of the jungle, an experience which Imiloa respectfully facilitate and even enhance.”



A few facts about your destination

Imiloa is a majestic, one of a kind, 20-acre private mountain-top property located in Costa Rica with 180 degree sunset ocean views overlooking the entire Pacific from Manuel Antonio in the north to the Osa Peninsula and Cano Island in the south. It is a complete natural paradise with 17 accommodations, including 200-year-old homes from Bali, Jungle bungalows with bathtubs in the unofficial sloth sanctuary and sacred geodesic domes.

Historically, Costa Rica has been the meeting place of tribes for thousands of years. It is the cradle of the North and South, a meeting point for the Incas and the Aztecs, and it is the perfect location as Costa Rica continues onward in its rich history of being a meeting place to exchange ideas, vision and go deep within to discover what we have all been seeking.

Imiloa is a complete family community which felt so safe and loving I was able to lean fully into receivership which was a rare and beautiful experience.
The food was absolutely delicious; and felt so nourishing, from the raw and wholesome ingredients used, the loving way it was prepared, the beautiful way it was presented and the care with which it was delivered and served.


5* Plant-based Cuisine

At Imiloa, the food is “conscious comfort food.” That means healthy, locally-sourced, gourmet vegan meals are served that are as artistically plated, scientifically nourishing and delightfully crafted for all retreat guests.

We believe in creating possibility. Our gut is the second “largest brain” and by nurturing it we believe we can help catalyse the transformation of the mind, body and soul. For the time you’re at Imiloa, you’ll discover what’s possible with food and nourishment. Thousands of guests have reported higher states of awareness, curiosity, creativity and completeness.


“Imiloa is truly one of a kind. Not only is it a stunning place in the middle of the jungle, but the people there really make it magical. You always feel loved, nourished, taken care of and it makes it a place that you always want to go back to because it feels like a loving family. I've travelled quite a lot and have never experienced anything quite like it before.”


“Imiloa was the perfect setting for Nicky's retreat, we couldn't have felt more cared for, supported or nourished by the wonderful team and the beautiful surroundings. Every detail was taken care of, nothing was too much trouble. And the food was incredible, I'd never considered following a vegan diet, now I'm converted – I feel so much better with loads more energy.