Revitalise And Unlock Your Quantum Field Of Limitless Possibilities

We invite you to five days of bodywork, yoga, somatic dance, breathwork, waterfall meditations and powerful deeply healing maturation mentorship and teaching with Nicky, whilst being held by the power and presence of the abundance of the Costa Rican jungle.

Deep Healing, Connection, And Transformation

During your stay, you will empower your mind by dissolving attachments to past conditioning and illusions that are creating limitations and stuckness in your life; whilst nourishing your body with deep energy work, ceremonial rituals and 5-star plant-based cuisine.


Why Now?

  • Now is the time to reactivate your heart and the dreamer within you to start generating your future from a place of infinite possibility.

  • Now is the time to KNOW that anything is possible and to be a space in your life that is committed to transforming impossibility to infinite possibilities. 

  • You are the source of your whole experience of reality and thus – you are the one with all the power. We want to help you align with this truth of yourself and start living and owning this in all areas of your life.

Allow yourself to receive deeply, in mind, body, heart and spirit. You will experience deep, intimate connection and community with the group and our team as we journey this transformational path together.  


A Life-Defining Journey Of MindBody Rejuvenation

  • Relish in 5 days of deep healing and personal transformation in the heart of the Costa Rican Jungle to reset and invigorate your consciousness and your body
  • Dissolve the three blindspots of 3D (three dimensionality) to profoundly shift your relationship with reality and awaken you to the infinite cavern of possibility of who you are and for your life – beyond what you can currently perceive
  • Release and break-free of the identity that is living your life, align with your purpose, and come home to who you were born to be.
  • Experience true freedom and access the infinite potential and power that’s already within you
  • Build soulful connections with like-minded people who are on a similar path of growth and self-actualisation
  • Reimagine your life, your relationships, and our collective future from a place where anything is possible
  • Enjoy 3 complimentary follow-up integration group calls to make sure your evolution continues when you get home

Sample Agenda


Morning bodywork




Waterfall excursion




Group workshop




Mocktails & sunset


Surrendering to Infinite Abundance




Fire Ceremony & celebration on the beach

“It’s hard to put into words just how profound and powerful the weekend was. It’s such a scary prospect to take a leap into the unknown and be so vulnerable, but we all felt so safe, supported and tightly held by Nicky and her beautiful team that it created space for some real magic to happen.”